Getting Back the Warmth

As the day of your wedding draws closer and closer, have you suddenly been suffering from wedding cold feet? Have you become nervous about walking down the aisle and finally saying “I Do”? If you are, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. It is quite normal to get a case of the nerves before the big day arrives and start to question whether or not you are making the right decision. This nervousness is often just a reaction to all of the tension is typical of an impending marriage. Truth be told, having wedding cold feet can be a good thing as it can be a valuable opportunity for you to examine your relationship with your fiancé and deeply reflect on your true feelings about what marriage means to you.

Wedding cold feet, or pre-wedding jitters or second thoughts about whether they really want to get married, can be defined as “a loss or lack of confidence; an onset of uncertainty or fear.” It is quite normal to face some lingering doubts before a defining event such as a wedding. In times like this, what’s important is you do your best to relax and quietly reflect on your feelings to determine whether you are just suffering from pre-wedding jitters or whether there is an underlying problem with your relationship.

Try to distinguish between generic wedding planning stress and being stressed about the marriage, per se. Worrying about the small details doesn’t mean that you should not marry the person whose engagement ring you are wearing. But it is likely a sign that you might need more help in the planning or that you should scale down the event. One way to know if it’s all just pre-wedding jitters that you are experiencing is to assess if you’re feeling nervous and yet still very much excited. ​

Do not hesitate to take a break from wedding planning. Besides, what kind of decisions will a stressful bride be making? A lot has been said about avoiding any kind of decision-making whenever one is too emotional as these are the decisions that one will likely regret at some point. You will want to be rested and relaxed when you decide on, say, your professional wedding videographer. You will, of course, want the best wedding videographer Singapore has to offer. This vendor is going to be capturing your memories for you, after all.

Take the time to write about the happiest moments of your relationship — your first date, the first time you met, and the story of when he finally proposed. Write down all the things you look forward to as a married person. Talk to happily-married couples and ask them about their secrets to a successful marriage.

If you’re feeling cold feet, just sit back, try to relax, and honestly explore your feelings. Figuring out what’s really driving these emotions and addressing them with your partner can lead you to building a stronger and healthier marriage. Whatever the case may be, the time to deal with cold feet is now, before your wedding day. This means only the best and happiest You shines through for your wedding cinematography video.