Honeymoons on a Budget

Planning a wedding comes with a price tag, we all know. If you are in the midst of preparing for yours, then you would know that budgeting for the whole affair is only half the spending battle. Most, if not all, soon-to-be-weds will want to look forward to a memorable honeymoon after the ceremonies. And, let’s face it – honeymoons don’t come cheap these days, either. The good news is there are still a lot of budget-friendly honeymoon destinations that have yet to be fully explored. They may notbe as lavish or grand or prestigious as the “banner” honeymoon destinations of many, but they are just as attractive, enjoyable, and memorable.

Thailand. If you and your fiancé are yearning to escape to the beach for your honeymoon, the best time to visit Thailand is November through April. Phuket is perfect if you want to enjoy romantic sunset dinners. The secluded island of Koh Mook (or Pearl Island) promises an authentic cultural experience of the country, plus the chance to see Thailand’s natural wonder – the Morakot Cave.

Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is the perfect budget-friendly honeymoon destination if what you and your fiancé would enjoy are dazzling beaches, seaside forts, and a visit to Old San Juan. Breath-taking rainforests set a dramatic backdrop to the city streets lined with museums, cafés, restaurants, and numerous historical sites. If you’re looking for something a little more remote, fly or take the ferry from San Juan to Isla de Culebra, where you and your fiancé can go scuba diving or take in the underwater scenery.

St. Maarten. If you and your fiancé would like to go off to the Caribbean islands, St. Maarten will give you the feel of Havana but will not be as costly as the other Caribbean islands. Here, you can zip line, scuba-dive, soak in the tropical wildlife, and hike to Pic Paradis for the most stunning view on the island.

Cook Islands.Rarotonga in the Cook Islands has an enjoyable climate of high 70˚/low 80˚ temperatures all year round. Go on an adventure exploring the local shops, museums, and quaint cafés around town. There are also tons of underwater activities you can take part of like snorkeling the underwater caves, canyons, and sunken shipwrecks.

Jamaica. Negril, a large town in west Jamaica, can be your picture-perfect honeymoon getaway with its white sand beaches and cascading waterfalls. Hire a tour guide to explore the Mayfield Falls or float down the Negril River with a bamboo raft. If you and your fiancé walk the adventurous side, cliff jumping and live music at Rick’s Cafe could be the perfect end to an eventful day at the beach.

Philippines. The Philippine islands would be perfect for temperate climate-loving newlyweds. Nearly all its tourist destinations will offer affordable and convenient accommodations with plenty of adventurous activities to engage in. Just remember that the farther your chosen location is from Manila (its capital) the more transportation arrangements you will need to make (like connecting flights, ferries, etc.) Regardless of how long it might take you to get there, it is guaranteed that the views, people, and ambience will all beworth it.

Your honeymoon is like your much-needed breather after all the buzz and stress of planning and completing your wedding celebration. It is where you and your now-better-half can finally savor wedded bliss away from it all. You would surely want to remember it as much as you will always want to look back on your wedding day. Inquire with your Singapore wedding photographer if their wedding photography packages or wedding videography packages can include highlights from the honeymoon. Perhaps you can share photos and videos that you’ve captured during the honeymoon which they can integrate into your final wedding album. Safe travels!