3 Hours Events Instant Photo Booth or Roaming Photography at $780.00

– Unlimited “Credit Card” Size or 4R Glossy Printing
– Basic Customized Borders For Events
– 1 x Instant Print Photographer
– 1 x Digital Prints Artist
– Roaming Photography or a fixed Backdrop (Various Designs For Selection)
– Complimentary Props Worth $50.00
– Complimentary White Envelopes (300 pcs)
– Complimentary Live Projection Photo Slideshow
– All images returned in DVD on same day

Optional Top Up Items

– Extend 1 Hour at $200.00
– $100.00 For Distribution of Photos to Guests at their tables (1 x Additional Assistant)
– $35.00 For Plastic Pocket Sleeves (For card size prints only)
*  Our package can be customized to suit your event’s needs and budget, please contact us at 90709012


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