On the average, having a wedding in Singapore can cost around $30,000 to $50,000 and can go up to as much as $100,000. The actual cost of your wedding, of course, will depend on the scale and kind of wedding you see yourself having, as well as the headcount of guests you are planning to invite. 

A first quick tip to save more is to charge your wedding expenses to a credit card if you have a card that offers % cashback for a certain amount spent. Below is the first of three elements of a wedding that can drain money the most.


Consider renting out a restaurant as doing so can be an incredible cost saver.Find a restaurant that fits your style, taste buds, headcount and yes, budget. Because it is a restaurant, you won’t have to pay extra for tables, chairs, linen, silverware, and wait service. You only pay for the food. Typically, a restaurant will not charge a rental rate, but will require a minimum guarantee in terms of order amount. A restaurant works best for more intimate weddings with a guestlist of under 100.

Also, remember that there is no need to pressure yourself into contracting two separate places for the solemnization and reception. Your guests, while they will gladly travel to both places for you, will probably be relieved that you’ve saved them a car trip. Some churches have a reception hall within its premises and these spaces are often underused and are quite nice.

Stay Away from peak seasons.A celebration in June will come with a much higher price tag than a wedding in January. If you are able to keep your date flexible, you would’ve already saved anywhere between $1,000 and$1,500 — more if you pick a weekday instead of a weekend. Off-peak months could also translate to lower rates from your various wedding suppliers (like the band and flowers, etc.).

Consider having your wedding in a local park or space. Libraries, museums, and botanical gardens are always great options for a wedding, too.Make rounds in your community and inquire about permit limitations.Some of these places rarely hold standard events, and so you have better chances at negotiating a really stellar price. Think about what you and your fiancé love to do together and take it from there.

From getting ready to the solemnization to the reception, one vendor will likely be with you. Wedding photography and videography suppliers can tally up a cost of anywhere between $2,500 to &5,000. Videography requires more equipment and skilled manpower compared to other wedding suppliers. Editing also takes more hours, and churning out a same-day-edit (SDE) piece can be daunting, hence the higher cost. But videography captures moving emotions and expressions that photos will not entirely capture, this is why a lot of couples do not scrimp as much here. Pick a Singapore Wedding Videographer who likewise offers wedding photography packages so you will only need to deal with one vendor.

Your wedding day will be filled with many treasured moments, all of which you will likely want to relive again (and again) long after the day is over. On top of the wedding photos, a wedding cinematography video is one of the best ways to immortalize the intimate moments and emotions and relive them forever. Best wishes!