If you are about to get married in Singapore, youshould know that this can cost you anywhere around $30,000 to $50,000 and may even go up to as much as $100,000. The cost of the wedding largely depends on the type and scale of wedding you would like to have, as well as the number of guests you are planning to invite. 

A first quick tip to save a little more in your wedding expenditures is by charging your wedding expenses to your credit card if what you have is one of those credit cards that offer % cashback. This is a smart and practical way of spending for your dream wedding, yet cutting costs at the same time.

The wedding venue is the first major area of expense in any wedding. This is closely followed by the wedding reception. The third, most cash-draining element of any wedding is the wedding dress.Below are a fewhacksfor how to possibly cut down on your wedding dress costs without sacrificing quality and style.

Overlook the Label. One of the best ways to save is to find a white dress that is not actually marketed as a wedding gown. If you still wish to have a traditional wedding ensemble, try looking at bridesmaid dress options that come in white.

Make Your Wedding Dress Your “Something Old”. Raid your mom’s or grandma’s closet/attic and have her wedding dress customized according to your style. Or check out your local vintage shopsfor gorgeous, valuable finds. You can always take an old dress to a seamstress and have her re-work the style to suit your taste and your wedding day’s theme.

Go for Casual and Modern. This is especially applicable to a beach or destination wedding where you do not need to go all out on a traditional and big wedding dress. Hit some clearance racks, ready-to-wear labels,or even consider donning a cocktail dress. Remember, any simple dress can be fancied up with a colorfully contrastingbelt/sash/bow or by throwing on an elegant and stylish crocheted vest or shrug.

Ask About the Store Sample. You can get even bigger savings if you can find a discontinued dress. Shops need to dispose of these samples since they will be unable to order a dress after it is phased out. You could actually be doing the store a favor by taking it out of their hands without any profit loss on their part. Sample dresses have likely been tried on by several customers, but that should not stop you. With enough creativity, you can refurbish the sample dress to its original (or maybe even surpass it) glory.

From getting ready to the solemnization to the reception, one supplier will likely be with you all throughout. Wedding photography and videography suppliers can cost you anywhere between $2,500 to $5,000. But a documentation of all your wedding moments, emotions, and backdrops is truly priceless and this is why a lot of couples do not cut costs as much in this area. Go with a trustedSingapore Wedding Videographer who offers reasonably-priced wedding photography packagesas well as wedding videography packagesso you will only need to coordinate with one vendor.

Remember, planning your wedding budget in the beginning will help you significantly. It guides you into makingbetter spending decisions and you avoid getting overwhelmed with all the options. At the end of the day, you want your wedding to be an expression of your love and celebration which you will cherish together everlastingly.