“I hear wedding bells!”

People love to say this figuratively and excitedly when they anticipate an imminent marriage proposal or when a celebrated couple’s wedding day draws near. Theringing of bells at weddings is a long tradition that dates all the way back to ancient Celtic and Irish history. Back then, church bells were believed to have the power to ward off evil spirits and grant wishes. Celtic newlyweds were blessed with loud, joyous ringing of church bells before the wedding to announcetheir newfound happiness. In Scotland, wedding bells were rung at the end of the wedding ceremony, just as the married couple exits the church. The tradition of bells tolling before and after the wedding spread across the world, remaining to be a significant part of wedding days even to this point in time.

Wedding superstition prescribes that bells would scare off evil spirits intent on dampening the new couple’s lasting happiness. The bells are likewise believed to bring luck and fortune to the newlyweds. The ringing of bells was also a way to spread the good news of a couple’s union across long distances. While the superstition about evil spirits may not be as common today, the joyful sound of bells tolling for weddings and their association with luck and fortunehaveremained through generations. Bells are often tolled at church after a wedding ceremony, sometimes by the newlyweds themselves.

There is another type of bells that may figure in a wedding.Small bells are sometimes passed out among the wedding guests to ring, either as the couple exits the church or during the reception as an encouragement to kiss, in lieu of the common practice of clinking glasses. The sound of bells is also supposed to remind the newlyweds of the vows they’ve made to each other.Bells are likewise popular as wedding decorations, frequently as two bells tied together with a bow, representing two individuals joined together in marriage. No matter how you decide to incorporate bells in your wedding, the happy sound of ringing bells is always a beautiful addition to any celebration.

The use of the symbolic bells in weddings is a historical tradition that continues to be popular in modern society for many reasons. Although the folklore of warding off evil and bad luck has diminished, wedding bells continue to symbolize love, joy, and the promising start of a new life as one. Wedding bells are also popular favors at receptions in modern times. Wedding bells offer a universal appeal that easily goes with any wedding theme or motif. Bells in silver, gold, or ivory will match almost any motif of choice and are perfect as accents. If you are considering a classic wedding souvenir, tiny, decorative bells are definitely a great option.

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