Wedding Color Motifs That Will Make Your Wedding Stand Out

If you are looking to make your wedding stand out, know that achieving it all begins with a unique color palette. Deciding on a color motif for the event first will open up a world of ideas abouteverything else: the day’s décor, the flowers, dress styles, the venue, the date, and mostly everything else. The question you need to ask yourself is: do you want playful and fun (brightand vibrant shades),or do you want lavish and intimate (earthyjewel tones and luxe textures)? Read on forsome of our favorite unexpected wedding color combinations.

Yellow + Magenta + Poppy. This color combination is great for al fresco summer weddings. If you decide to go with a vibrant color scheme like this, use them as accents and make sure to “dress” your solemnization and banquet in neutrals. Plain table cloths and drapes will do it, or you could go without table cloths and let the natural wood or glass be your canvass. Such color play will be a delight for any wedding cinematography video.

White + Pale Green + Black. This elegant color palette is perfect for formal spring wedding themes. Try mixing cream or ecru white hues into the mix so you can keep your wedding colors from appearing bare. Draw your greenery ideas from the earthy, natural green shades of succulents.

Orange + Purple + Burgundy. If you’re thinking vineyards, then this is the color motif for you. Vineyards have an old-world charm about them, and vineyards become even more romantic and intimate when they are decorated with such deep, moody details.Do the trick by picking flowers of these colors to arrange in vases or as hanging arrangements.Your professional wedding videographer will surely love capturing your surroundings.

Peach + Green+ Gold. An outdoor summer wedding will be a great way to showcase this color motif. The natural greenery in the surroundings of your al fresco venue will provide a magnificent backdrop for this color combination.Before finalizing everything, have a talk with your Singapore wedding photographer for his inputs on the best time of day to have your wedding. You might want to consider his thoughts on this.

Yellow + Beige + Cinnamon. If you’re picturing an elegant fall affair, this color motif will definitely call to you. It brings with it a regal Spanish vibe especially when accentuated by traditional wedding elements, such as multi-tiered cake and fine place settings. Complete the look with chargers, place cards,and gold-rimmed, long-stemmed glassware.
Merlot + Sage+ Peach. If your wedding is happening some time in the late summer, you may want to consider a rustic, earthy, shabby chic theme. Take advantage of the natural charm of wood and incorporate them into your décor as much as possible. Balance out this natural canvass with some dramatic elements like chandeliers or a luxurious lounge space.Your PreWedding Videography Package can share this down-to-earth theme, as well.