Wedding Themes You Might Like

Picking out your wedding theme can be one of the more important and also more difficult decision points there is. It needs to be done before you can finally move forward with the rest of your wedding planning. Your wedding theme decides the entire event’s color palette, not to mention will pretty much determine where and what time of day you should have your wedding. We will be talking to you about the four most popular wedding themes in Singapore today.

Traditional Chinese Wedding Theme. If you and your fiancé are looking to celebrate history and heritage, a traditional Chinese wedding is the way to go for the timeless cultural feel. This concept is deeply rooted on culture and tradition, and the color red will govern this wedding theme. You can also accentuate the whole event, however,with white and peachy highlights.Your wedding dress will most likely be an elegant cheongsam, whether traditional or with modern touches. With this wedding theme, get ready to make several dress changes, that’s for sure.The Traditional Chinese Wedding entails several mini-events which you will likely want to include in your PreWedding Videography Package.

Romantic Wedding Theme. For a love-inspired celebration,you will definitely look forward to a day strewn with pastel colors like blush, peach, and mint. Think of a bride withsweet and simpleaccessories likea spatter of flowers on herbraided hairwho walks down the aisle in asweetheart-neckline tulle gownamid soft hues and delicate lighting. If you want a romance-themed wedding, you will want tons ofpeonies, carnations, and hydrangeas together with a fairytale-like décor and plate settings. Envision pastels, hanging lights (orchandeliers), calligraphy, and a flower wall.

Rustic Wedding Theme. A Rustic Wedding Theme usually uses the shades of brown accentuated with different shades of pastel along with deep colors as well. Think: wood, candles,and wild flowers. String lights, mason jars,recycled apothecary bottlesand vases,twine, and lacemake up the simple and homey vibe of a rustic theme. This kind of set-up is often done in a country barn, but is likewise possible outdoors with plenty ofwooden signages, garden benches, and wooden tables, adornedwith daisies, lavender, baby’s breath, and other dainty and colorful touches to the mostly-wooden theme.

Whimsical Wedding Theme. If you are more the whimsical couple, your wedding will be one with bright splashes of color and quirky, bohemian elements. Go big with multi colored balloons, streamers, punchy floral arrangements, and mismatched chairs. A Whimsical Wedding Theme can be a mix of other concepts too like Vintage, Rustic, Romantic, and many others.

When it comes to deciding onyour wedding theme, it is bestto pick a concept that could perfectly reflectyour personalityas a couple. Suggestionsfrom your family and friendswho havewitnessed your love story unfold can be helpful. Cap it all off with a befitting wedding cinematography videoby a top wedding videographer Singaporehas to offer.