How to Make Your Wedding Reception Unique

It is without a doubt that your wedding reception is probably what you and your guests would be most excited about after exchanging your “I Do’s”. Your wedding reception is like where you can kick back after the meaningful and solemn ceremony has been completed. Besides, who doesn’t love to eat, drink, and dance the night away? The best wedding receptionsare personal, fun, and a great way to showcase the newlyweds’ unique persona. Plan a wedding reception that will keep guests smiling and talking about it long after the day has come to its close.

Give away unique wedding souvenirs.Wedding favors are the “icing” on fabulous receptions. Let your guests know how much you appreciate their partaking of your glorious day by offering comfort-food types of take-home treats (think: designer doughnuts, a mug with sachets of instant hot cocoa-with-marshmallow mix, a bag of your favorite coffee beans,clay jars filled with chocolate pudding) or awesome tokens like a small potted succulent plant, a mason jar filled with potpourri, or a pair of sunglasses engraved with your initials and wedding date

Shake up your First Dance. All eyes will be on you for your first dance as husband and wife. It will be a great opportunity to give everyone something that they might not be expecting. You may start out with the conventional sweet, slow dance to your most meaningful love song… then suddenly groove to Bruno Mars, bust out to energetic Latin moves, or even start a line dance with your principal sponsors and other guests.

Offer “experience” food stations.Food in wedding receptions are usually one of the things most remembered after the party, so don’t stop at great – go interactive. Offering dishes that your guests can customize will make dinner much more interesting. Set up apasta bar, a sushi-rolling station, or a “cooked-as-you-like-it” steak or fish station where your guests can create their meals to their liking. Well-fed guests are happy guests.

Plan for a surprise entertainment.Surprise your family and friends with unexpected entertainment at cocktail hour or during dinner. Magicians, a mariachi band, aerial artists, or salsa dancers are some refreshingly surprising ideas.

Out-of-the-box entrance to the reception. Surprise your guests with a special dance as you do your processional into the banquet hall. Do a dance routine with your bridal party as you enter.Best yet, break out in a flash mob.

Social Media & Technology. One of today’s wedding trends is centered on social media and technology. Couples come up with catchy#Hashtags, encourage guests to use them in photo posts and location “check-in’s’”, GoPro’s, and drones. This is a great way to quickly search and view photos that your guests took and posted on social media.Hiding a GoPro in your bridal bouquet makes for a fun video. Drone shots are dramatic and exquisite, too.

Hire a Wedding Photographer/Videographer with style.Find a Singapore wedding photographer and/or Singapore wedding videographer who is up-to-date in the latest trends and technology in the industry. Find someone who can get some stunning aerial photos with a drone and can integrate them into your wedding album. Ask about SDE (same day edits) and choose a provider who is skilled at making cinematic-quality videos.

The traditional rules governing wedding practices have evolved. It is now possible to shake things up and actually have real “party fun” on your wedding day. This, however, does not mean that all grace and poise can be tossed out the window. Always put your best foot forward, in how you carry yourself during your wedding day. You most likely spent a handsome penny for your wedding cinematography video and wedding photography packages. Allow these memorabilia to capture the best in you and make every moment something to cherish for always.