If you have spent even just one afternoon planning your wedding, you would know that everythingrequiresa significant amount of organization and attention to detail. As much as you might want to not miss any single detail, the task list is just too long and it’s never easy to avoid making mistakes. The sad truth isthe path to your “I do” is typically laden with pits, falls, and trials. Here are just a few of those missteps you should avoid the most.

You Lose Sight of Yourself.Before logging on to Pinterest, hoarding on bridal magazines, or devouring wedding blogs online, stop and think about the type of celebration youactually want. Do you seean eveningformal affair or a more laidback daytime party? Get your priorities sorted out. Ask yourself what is most important to you (and your groom). Are you a foodie, music lover, art beast? This kind of reflection will substantially help in selecting your venue and drawing up an intelligent budget.

Forgetting Your Guests. A number of your family, friends, and colleagues will likely travel, and at considerable expense, just to attend your wedding. It is gracious to make sure they are comfortable or unburdened. Make arrangements for accommodations when necessary and provide transportation to and from the solemnization and reception. If your wedding is a weekend-long destination affair, arrange for group activities and other necessary provisionsto fill the downtimes in between the wedding events.

Picking Your Wedding Dressbefore the Venue.Before locking in your wedding dress and booking your bridal party hair and makeup appointments, make sure you have already decided on the type of wedding you’re about to have and where. Sure, you can wear whatever you please, but if you purchase an elaborate gown and you end up booking a beachfront property, you may wish you went simpler and lighter.

Crash Dieting Right before the Big Day.A lot of brides instinctively resort to crash dieting in the hopes of being able to wear the wedding gown perfectly. Sadly, overdoing the crash diet might result to an emaciated or, worse, light-headed bride. Instead of drastically reducing your daily calorie intakeor abstaining from food altogether a month before your wedding, adopt a healthier lifestyle and eating plan at least three months before the wedding.

Not Greeting All of Your Guests.These days, most couples skip the traditional, formal post-ceremony receiving line. If this is logistically impossible to do for your wedding, at least make it a point to circulate among the guest tables during or after dinner. If what you have is a large guest count, schedule the guest greetings within the activities of the day and put it an effort to personalize your greetingfor each one.

Enjoying the Open Bar Too Much.No one wants to witness a tipsy, boisterous bride (you might want to remind your groom about this, too) at the helm of an enchanted celebration. Besides, neither of you might want to watch yourselves in your wedding cinematography video behaving like you would at a sports baror local club on the most important day of your lives, right?

The traditional rules governingboth the bride’sroles, responsibilities, and wedding etiquette have evolved through the years. Most, if not all, of it has become less prescriptive and a little more forgivingover time. The point is, you can relax. This, however, does not mean that all grace and poise can be tossed out the window. Always put your best foot forward, so to speak, in how you carry yourself during your wedding day. You and your groom most likely spent a handsome penny for your Singapore wedding videographerand/or your Singapore wedding photographer. Allow them to capture the best in you and make every moment something to cherish for eternity.