You and your fiancé have made the eventful journey of planning your dream wedding. All the tasks and responsibilities listed on your checklist have been ticked off, all throughout staying conscious of maintaining decorum or the etiquette expected of soon-to-be-weds. You’re almost at the finish line… almost. Now all you need to do is get through the most magical day of your lives. Here are a few tips for every marrying couple to make it through the ultimate day in grace and style.

Walk down the aisle with poise, a gracefulness befitting the center of the entire event. The bride should hold the bouquet by the stems with the flowers tilted slightly forward. The groom, usually the head of the whole procession, could do nicely to smile at guests as he makes his way down the aisle, acknowledging their valued presence.

As an additional, important reminder especially to the groom, you should make a mental note to avoid any form of “arm-pumping” at the end of the ceremony. You and your lovely bride had just gotten married;you are not cheering after a touchdown in your high school football game!Remember to walk back up the aisle together as the happy, elegant couple that you are.

If necessary, rehearse your wedding kiss before the big day and make sure it’s sweet andpersonal — not raunchy. You both can exude the joy of union without being too erotic about it.

Attend your own cocktail hour. Nowadays, it is typical for couples to schedule photo sessions during this time, after the solemnization and right before the wedding reception. Thus, newlyweds normally miss out on sharing these first few moments of newlywed excitement with their guests. It’s become typical, yes, but is not very gracious. Allot at least a few minutes to be there with your party during cocktail hour.

At the reception, visit each table and greet guests individually. And when greeting or talking to your guests, absolutely make it a point to look into their eyes to signify your sincere appreciation for their presence. This is good etiquette anytime.

As newlyweds, neither you nor your groom should ever be seen smoking or drinking beer out of a bottle, instead of from a proper glass. You are both hosting a solemn and memorable event. Graciousness and poise are utmost.

Relatedly, both of you should pace yourselves when drinking wine or cocktails. No one wants to witness a tipsy bride or groom at the helm of a magical celebration. Besides, neither of you might want to watch yourselves in your wedding cinematography video behaving like you would at a sports bar on the most important day of your lives, right?

The traditional rules governingboth the bride and groom’s roles, responsibilities, and wedding demeanor have evolved, sure. All of it has become less prescriptive and a little more liberal over the years. This, however, does not mean that all grace and poise can be tossed out the window. Always put your best foot forward, so to speak, in how you carry yourself during your wedding day. You most likely spent a handsome penny for your Singapore wedding videographerand/or your Singapore wedding photographer. Allow them to capture the best in you and make every moment something to cherish for eternity.