Picking the Flowers for Your Wedding

Flowers are a significant part of any wedding, intimate or grand. If you are now planning your own wedding, it is very likely that you are giving plenty of thought to what flowers you would like to adorn the aisle, the banquet hall, especially those you would like to carry with you in your bridal bouquet. Picking your wedding flowers can be quite the task, but learning what each flowersymbolizes might help the decisions along.

Anemone. Anemones are moderately-priced blooms that represent “expectation,” which might be fitting for an event that celebrates a future together. Other interpretations include luck and protection. Anemones are unscented and are primarily in season in the spring (to late fall).

Calla Lily. Lightly-scented calla lilies symbolize “magnificent beauty,” and are perfect (and in season) for spring and summer weddings.

Carnation. Colorful carnations are typically underrated flowers and are often neglected for weddings. But do you know that each carnation color symbolizes something different? Pink carnations signify boldness; red carnations symbolize love; and white carnations represent talent. Carnations are inexpensive and in season all year round. 

Daffodil. The bright, springtime daffodil represents happiness and warm regards. Most important of all, they are inexpensive when they are in season – which is in spring. So, spring brides, take note!

Dahlia. The dahlia is a symbol of lasting commitment and bond, making them perfect for wedding celebrations. The bold, bushy flower is an elegant choice for summer or fall weddings. 

Freesia. Freesias are fresh, fruity-scented blooms that, similar to baby’s breath, represent “innocence”.However, while freesias are perfect for bouquets, its fragrance might interfere with your banquet menu, so it is best to avoid using them as table centerpieces. 

Gardenia.Gardenias are gorgeous, intoxicating flowers that represent purity and joy – immensely appropriate for weddings.

Iris.The unconventional irisestypically come in blue, purple or white and symbolize faith and wisdom. Irises have been favored and admired throughout history by ancient Greeks, ancient Egyptians and medieval Europeans. 

Lily.A regal flower, the lily represents majesty, truth, and honor. The fragrant lily is perfect (and in season) for summer weddings. 

Lily of the Valley.Considered to be traditional marriage flowers, Lily of the Valley flowers have a fresh, vibrant scent and literally symbolize happiness.

Orchid. Orchids symbolize a myriad of things: beauty, love, refinement, and fertility, among others. They come in a wide variety of colors and sizes to suit various tastes. Any orchid can make a great centerpiece or addition to any bouquet, corsage, or headdress.

Peony. Peonies symbolize love, happiness, and ambition. All very sweet sentiments for your big, romantic day. Peonies are in season during late spring. 

Rose.It’s perhaps THE most popular flower choice for weddings. Which is not a wonder as roses symbolize romance, love, and beauty. Roses are actually surprisingly affordable and are available all year round.

The flower list for weddings is endless.The “language” of flowers has been a language spoken for centuries. Sincethe Victorian times, flowers have been used to express emotions when words and gestures were not enough. Today, many marrying couples follow this symbolic practice and fashion bridal bouquets and banquet centerpieces with meaningful flowers that bear significance to them. Make sure that you have carefully chosen a Singapore wedding videographer who understands the significance of symbolisms carried by the flowers well and will include them as they complete the wedding cinematography video.  Wedding videography packages and wedding photography packages are guaranteed to immortalize your “flowerful” wedding day for you to cherish forever and ever.