Whether you are about to get married or will be a party to one soon, it almost is natural to associate white doves or expect them to be a part of the wedding celebration. White doves symbolize new beginnings, prosperity, peace, love, and fidelity. Releasing white doves at significant ceremonies, especially weddings, thus has become a meaningful tradition across many nations and through hundreds of years.

Using doves in weddings dates back to ancient Greek and Roman times. Snow-white doves are gifts to the groom from the bride. In the bible, several passages would speak of white doves symbolizing holiness and fidelity. In nature, snow-white doves are believed to build nests together, “fall in love”, and mate for the rest of their lives. This nest of the white doves is analogous to the home that a married couple builds, where each of them are drawn by its safety and warmth and where a loving mate awaits. In this nest, the mated white doves both sit and turn the eggs until they hatch, after which they share the responsibilities of caring for the little ones until they have grown their own feathers.

In weddings, white doves are typically released outdoors as the couple leaves the church, or in the banquet hall in the midst of the wedding reception. The usually-trained doves (could be as many as 20, but 2 is a good number) would circle the couple before flying farther away, symbolizing the newlyweds’ departure from their respective families and unto a life together. The presence of white doves in weddings are said to bode good fortune, a happy home, and everlasting love for the joyful couple.

The snow-white doves are said to represent the bride and groom as they embark on a new life journey with chastity and without regrets from the past. Releasing of doves in wedding ceremonies signify the new journey that awaits the newlywed couple; the doves would fly higher and higher and, together, find their way home. Once the doves discern the direction they need to travel, they fly to greater heights and move towards this common direction. Similarly, the newlyweds do not completely know what the future holds, yet they are guided by the common goal of finding their way home together.

The symbolism of the white dove transcends cultures and traditions. White doves figure in different weddings in various ways, yet the significance remains similar. You can customize the presence of white doves in your own wedding. Make your dove release unique with a poem or song rendition. And while they await this release, the white doves may be kept in a decorative cage which could be a lovely centerpiece to any banquet hall. Make sure that you have carefully chosen aSingapore wedding videographerwho understands the significance of symbolisms like the snow-white doves well and can integrate them flawlessly into the wedding cinematography video. Wedding videography packages and wedding photography packagesare designed to immortalize your wedding day and all that it stands for so you are able to cherish them everlastingly.