Weddings are the ultimate celebration of two people’s love and commitment. Weddings, too, are great for commemorating the couple’s culture and heritage. Regardless of your race, religion, and where you come from, you will learn that there are several wedding superstitions that you’ll be expected to abide to for your big day.Every bride and groom would like their wedding day to be perfect, so what’s the harm in inviting good spirits and why mess with something that can bring on bad luck, right? Read on for a couple of these wedding superstitions and decide.

The number “4” is taboo. In Mandarin, how you say “4” sounds closely similar to “death”, and anything even remotely associated with death is considered as bad luck. Aside from avoiding wedding dates that fall on the 4th, 14th or 24th, wedding guests veer away from gifting red packets with an amount that has “4” in it, as well. Some couples even decide to skip table numbers. If you’re at a wedding banquet and don’t find the tables numbered 4 or 14, do not be surprised. On the other hand, the number “8” is regarded as a very auspicious number.

The third time’s not the charm. It is believed that single woman should not be a bridesmaid more than three times, or else she will be fated to be an “old maid” and never marry the man of her dreams. Bridesmaids are traditionally dressed exactly like the bride in order to trick or confuse any evil spirits and prevent them from ruining the marriage. And so, a woman who has been a bridesmaid for more than three times is said to be tainted by this bad luck.

No mourning allowed.Newlyweds should not attend a funeral or wake three months before and after their wedding. It is considered bad luck for the couple to attend a funeral as anything associatedwith mourning willrepel the couple’s good fortune and luck. In the unfortunate eventthat a parent of the bride or groom passes away, the wedding ceremony cannot be held within 100 days of the passing or should be pushed back for three years (1,000 days) later. This is a sign of respect towards the departed.

While most of these superstitions may bear some significance back in the day, they may not be as relevant or even absolutely necessary to commemorate in modern day weddings. Wedding superstitions can be fun, though.While it might be great to dress and act according to time-honored tradition, how seriously you take these things will rely on your personal beliefs. However traditional you decide to go, always remember that your wedding day will be one of your most memorable milestones so do all that you can to make the event as befitting and personal to you and your fiancé. Immortalize every cherished moment of your wedding day through the wedding cinematography video. Go with the Singapore wedding photographer and/or Singapore wedding videographer that know(s) you and how best to capture the moments that matter most and will be able to eternalize every loving detail.