Weddings and Social Media

Social media has, undoubtedly, a widely expansive impact. This particular evolution in technology and communication has altered the dynamics of almost every facet of life imaginable, even weddings.With the dawn of social media, there now are vivid differences between the ideal wedding of today versusthat of the past.

With social media, couples can now share their wedding experience with far more people. With technologically-driven connections, you now can share the news of your engagement, form private social media groups, invite to events, and pretty muchkeep everyone you care about well in the loop. Logistical, financial, geographical deterrents of olden days are no longer as consequential as anybody from far and wide can viewphotos, your wedding cinematography video, and even live video feeds of your once-in-a-lifetime event.

No doubt about it, with the social connections and networks established on various social media platforms, soon-to-be-weds now have more access to vast wedding ideas and options. You can easily draw inspiration from trending and viral affairs. If you are on a tight wedding budget, or just one of those who yearn for a unique wedding, you can put together pin boards ofchic wedding decor, thrifty but classy bridal party presents, and other party ideas. With your digital network of friends and family, it is almost effortless to, say a professional wedding videographer that comes highly recommended and to inquire about the best wedding photography packages Singapore has to offer.

And as anyone might expect, of course, social media has an impact on the cost of modern weddings.

Before the age of social media, planning a wedding was something that was done after office hours or on weekends. Couples of the past had bridal magazines to browse, formal wear boutiques to visit, drive to each and every potential wedding venue for ocular inspections… all on their spare time. Nowadays, you can just keep browser tabs of Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest up and bookmark all your wedding ideas.Your party is one click away through your smartphone’s messaging apps. All these services at the tip of your fingers make it so easy to spend, spend, spend away without having to leave the comforts of your lounge chair by the pool.

Nowadays, people aren’t just planning perfect weddings. Every single thing about the whole event needs to be “Instagrammable”. And this frame of thought extends well into planning the honeymoon. It is but human nature to be driven by competition, to want to matter, to go “viral.”

The downside is social media can leaveyou feeling the pressure to show only the best of your life. There seems to be a more fierce pursuit of perfection in weddings. And because millions of people get married everyday, ideas are never-ending and this “perfection” becomes elusive and unattainable. Unrealistic ideals abound in social media, possibly leading to frustration, exhaustion, and other tolls to a soon-to-be-wed’s mental well-being.

Stay grounded and clear. Open your mind to the fact that social media has propelled the wedding industry into what it is today: a full-scale production. Be careful not to fall into the seductive trap of turning your wedding into a social media-curated event. Opt for a charming and sincere PreWedding Videography Package, a Singapore wedding photographer that understands the significance of intimate and meaningful shots instead of fashion-editorial-type photo shoots and grand display of wedding pageantry. Keep focused on the true order of yourmemorable day.