Your Flowers after the Wedding: What Can You Do?

Flowers are a significant part of any wedding, both intimate and grand. If you have just gotten married, it is likely that much thought have been placed in picking your wedding flowers. Chances are, you and your fiancé spent a handsome penny on them, too. But now that your wedding is over, what can you do with these blooms that you paid much for?Instead of simply just giving them away or, worse, throwing them away, you can repurpose your wedding flowers for different joy-filled reasons.

Spreading goodwill and cheer. Perhaps you can make a day of it… call on your closes girlfriends and spend the day re-bundling your wedding flowers into smaller bouquets. Tie them up with nice ribbons or laces, attach short notes, and give them to residents of elderly nursing homes, orphanages, or just to your community neighbors.

Read up on local government or private organizations whose purpose is to enrich members of its communities. Find out if there is any group that offers livelihood flower-arrangement training programs for its youth or indigent sectors. Donating your wedding flowers to causes or courses like these is a significant help to your community already.

Decorate your home with flowers. Repurpose your wedding flowers and add color to your home. You may put them in different vases or baskets and adorn different nooks of the house, or you may dry them out. Silica gel, pressing, and hanging them upside down are all popular methods of drying flowers. Freeze-drying them can be great, too, if you wish to hold on to them for far longer after your wedding. Freeze-drying the bridal bouquet is always a great post-wedding day gift for any bride.

You can also take your dried flowers, add essential oil, and any herbs, spices or other trinkets you want to include and DIY some sweet potpourri. Gather a bouquet and tie the stems together with some twine. Hang them upside down and give them a couple of weeks to fully dry out. Once your flowers are dry, put them in a container and add a few drops of essential oil.  It’s recommended that you close the container and allow the flowers to absorb the oil for a couple of weeks. Potpourri can be charming touches to any home, and you can make gifts of it, too. Have fun with it! 

The “language” of flowers has been a language spoken for many centuries. As far back asthe Victorian era, flowers have beenthe most heartwarmingway to express emotions when words and gestures are not entirely enough. Now that your wedding day is over and yourSingapore wedding videographerhas captured the significance of your flowers into yourwedding cinematography video and in your wedding photography packages, you can spread the joy that your wedding flowers brought you even wider and much farther.