Giving the bride away is an ancient customdating back from when arranged marriages were the norm. Back then, a daughter in most cultureswasregarded asher father’s property, therefore the father had the right to “give his daughter” to the groom. Daughters were not allowed to get married without their father’s consent. A dowrywas also required as “payment” to the bride’s family in exchange for the daughter’s hand in marriage.

Relatedly, the custom of tying old boots and shoes to the back of the bridal car wherein the newlyweds leave the wedding reception is closely tied to this ancient tradition. Besides relinquishing“ownership” of his daughter to her groom, it was customary for the father of the bride to also give the groom his boots.

The practice of the father of the bride literally “giving away” his daughter to the groom and his family in exchange for social and financial gains is a very dated symbolism that bears little to no relevance in the modern day. The tradition continues on as a show of the family of the bride’s support and blessing of the marriage.

These days, those who “give the bride away” views it as a practice that symbolizes the “transfer of authority”over the bride’s destiny to her new husband. These days, fathers are not the only ones who can give the bride away. For some brides, being able to keep the tradition of walking down the aisle with their fathers on their wedding day is a given. These days, a bride may be walked down the aisle by anybody who’s ever played a very significant role in her life. Mothers, both parents, siblings can “give the bride away” – some brides walk solo down the aisle, even.

This “giving away” of the bride is a tradition not observed by all these days. There are those who might feel that the practice is archaic or obsolete, or brides who might not have a close relationship with their father or parents. They need not feel obligated to include this tradition in their wedding. However, if you are keen on the idea, but for some reasonyour father is indisposed, it is not uncommon to have another close family member to walk you down the aisle.

Giving away the bride is a tradition that has evolved substantially throughthe years. While traditions like this may bear some significance back in the day, they may not be as relevant or even absolutely necessary in these modern times. However traditional your wedding may be, what matters is you know that your wedding day will be one of the most memorable turning points in your life. Do all that you must to make the day as personal and significant to you and your fiancé. Captureeach cherished moment of your wedding – from the planning stages to the actual day – through thePreWedding Videography Package coverage and thewedding cinematography video. Go with the Singapore wedding photographer and/or Singapore wedding videographer that can best capture the moments that matter most and will be able to document every careful detail.